Shillington Showreel 2019

 Detroit City Identity featuring in the 2019 Showreel for the 6 campuses of Shillington College (Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, London, Manchester & New York)

Edited by Chris Norman @313rgb

Shillington's innovative approach to design education means students can achieve amazing results in a seriously short amount of time. In just 3 months full-time or 9 months part-time, Shillington students unleash their creativity to produce the incredible work you see here. Scroll through hundreds of student print, digital, branding, packaging projects and more in the student showcase. Featuring work from all six campuses: New York, London, Manchester, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane --> Featured Shillington students— Joseph Lebus, Meghann McCabe, Ellie Slater, Alexander Rog, Lizzie Diffey, Mark Crow, Megan Voo, Miguel Lugtu, James Freebairn, Leigh Ortman, Alice De Saulles, Victoire Scherer, Ariana Villegas, Jessica Grunow, Aya Kudo, Lucy Shephard, Noor Scharf, Adriana La Rovere Melo, Christian Mendoza, Greg Evans, Mikol Brinkman, Vanessa Riley, Jane Durlacher, Stephanie Badawi, Tom Shepherd, Liana Modolo, Talya Baker and Matthew Cook. Music—Tokyo (Instrumental) by Saberteeth Animation—Chris Norman & Roland Gataric at 313RGB :